Obnoxious 6/8 solo (print version)

Composer: Dave Oriente

Physical copy of the book, ships to US only. Includes American & Swiss notation.
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Obnoxious 6/8 solo started as a two-strain street beat written during David’s time in The Hellcats.  It utilized European-inspired rudiments in a contemporary style to create obnoxiously tricky patterns.  Later, David wrote a 6/8 street beat called “Hellcat Jig” after growing fond of the extraordinary drumming that comes from Scotland.  That beat used traditional jig rhythmic phrasings and rolls.  Finally, David brought these ideas together in his Obnoxious 6/8 solo.  In addition to the solo, David has included the street beats with additional background information in this collection.  Finally, Obnoxious 6/8 is a love letter to the flammed roll.

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