Our Mission


Our goal is to present significant collections, repertoire and literature to those who treasure the rich heritage of traditional rudimental drumming. Our performance and academic study of this tradition has awakened a deep desire to produce high-quality editions which capture the composer’s intent as best possible. We acknowledge the limitations of the printed page. We have attempted to present the composer’s intent in this edition, undoubtedly not with 100 percent accuracy. We hope the background information included in these collections is beneficial, and the notation is accessible to those well-versed in the artform. These editions will serve as part of the larger collection of rudimental drumming repertoire, and provide access to the sometimes lesser-known, important works.


We hold our musical traditions and heritage in high regard. We seek to understand what our predecessors intended, while at the same time, be part of the evolution of the artform. Our goal is to present not only historical collections, but significant works in context, and in light of, the great traditions in our artform. Traditions of old such as military calls and signals, as well as dance and folk tunes were passed from generation to generation by means of the technology available in its day. We aim to see that these collections of music are passed to the future generations with as much clarity as possible.


Like all drumming enthusiasts, the founders of Pulsa Musica Publishing want the younger generation to have access to traditional drum solos from all eras, learn something new from every musical experience, and find enjoyment in playing music. These collections will also help those who are seeking to understand the long history and development of traditional drumming. We believe the performance of contemporary rudimental drumming will be enhanced with a better understanding of earlier traditions. Have fun playing this music, and share these solos with someone you know. To quote the legendary champion bass drummer Nick Attanasio, “It has never been our artform to keep, it has only been ours to give”.

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