The Adventure Begins (e-book)

Composers: Mark Reilly & Damian Bonesi

E-book format. Includes American notation.
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Price: $10.00

The Adventure Begins its story at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention in Columbus, Ohio. The year was 2002, the year before Mark Reilly joined the Old Guard.  2002 was an iconic year for the marching percussion world at PASIC. It was the year that the legendary NEXUS percussionist and historian Robin Engelman organized the Drummer’s Heritage Concert highlighted by incredible performances by John S.”Jack” Pratt, Alfons Grieder, Jim Kilpatrick, Jeff Queen, Nick Attanasio, Marty Hurley, and so many others. This solo premiered about 20 minutes before the historic concert began, at the Marching Percussion University Snare Drum Solo Competition. Its original form was a first attempt to write a hybrid solo that included traditional American rudimental drumming and more contemporary drum corps style vocabulary. The updated solo that is before you is a collaborative effort. With the help of good friend and founder of Ser Rudimental Damian Bonesi of Buenos Aires, Argentina, you have a more complete, mature version of this solo from Mark’s early musical journey. This solo looks back upon the last 20 years since its debut and reflects upon the rudimental adventures, friends, and relationships built across the global rudimental drumming community.

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